East Kentucky Babe Ruth

6 & 7 Yr. Old Coach Pitch

State Tournament Rules

Credentials: Current Cal Ripken Rule Book.

1)     Age Group – must be playing by Babe Ruth birthday chart

2)     Player roster—12-15 players roster (12 suggested) free defensive substitution.

·        Minimum of 10 players to start & finish the game

·        4 outfielders in grass, must remain in grass until ball hit.

·        8 ft coaches circle drawn and an arc from 1st in front of 2nd to 3rd base

·        Infield players must stay behind the line until ball is hit

·        The player pitcher must keep 1 foot in the circle, 1 warning, next play stands

·        Catcher take his normal position in full gear

3)     Game Length: Six (6) innings each batter gets 5 pitches

·        If batter fouls 0ff the 5th pitch, the batter gets another pitch or 3 strikes (out)

·        The half inning is over when (3) three out are made or 8 runs scored per

inning (Except in the 6th inning a team can score unlimited runs)

·        Time Limit is 90 minutes once you start an inning finish it.

No Inning will start with 5 minutes of time expiring.

4)     Coach Pitching:

·        A coach pitches the ball (overhand) from a distance of 25 ft from Home Plate

5)     Dead Ball:

·        The ball is declared dead when the defensive team stops the lead runner

Max. 2 over throws and ball dead. If umpire calls time

·        The batted ball is also dead if it hits the pitching coach (no pitch)all runners return

6)     The following are not allowed

*Bunting             * Courtesy Runners         * Base stealing

7)         Game Run Rules:

* 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team ahead,

10 runs after 5 (4 ½ if home team ahead)