2013 East Ky Cal Ripken 9yo State Tournament
July 17-22--Suffoletta Park--Georgetown, Ky.--Hosted by Scott Co. Youth Baseball
Kenton Co. Tournament Stats Host Scott Co.
Gm 4 EastKyBRLogo
District 1 Boon Co. White
July 17--8:15pm Minor Lake Cumberland District 1 Boone Co. Black
Live Stats Gm 13 District 1 Kenton Co.
Lake Cumberland   District 2 Shelby Co.
July 19--6pm Minor Northern District 3
Northern Live Stats   District 4 South Lexington
Gm 5   Gm 17 District 4 Southeastern
Paris July 18--6pm Major Northern   District 6 Paris
Gm 1 Live Stats   District 5 Lake Cumberland
July 17--6pm Major Paris   District 8 Northern
Live Stats   Coin Flip for home team
Boone Co. Black   No buckets outside dugouts
July 20--9am Major Southeastern All Coaches in Full Uniform
Scott Co. Live Stats  
Gm 2     Final revised Bracket as of 7.14.13
July 17--8:15pm Major Scott Co     EKY Babe Ruth onTwitter
Live Stats Gm 6   Gm 20
Boone Co. White   Scott Co.    
  Gm 14    
July 19--8:15pm Minor Southeastern  
Shelby Co. Live Stats  
Gm 7   July 23-- 6pm Major Northern
Southeastern July 18--6pm Minor Southeastern Live Stats  
Gm 3 Live Stats    
July 17--6pm Minor Southeastern Northern    
Live Stats     Gm 21
South Lexington Gm 19   if Needed
Scott Co.      
Boone Co. White Gm 16      
Gm 8        
July 18--8:15pm Minor Kenton Co. July 20--11:15am Major South Lexington July 21--3pm Major Northern July 24--6:30pm Major Northern
Live Stats Gm 11 Live Stats   Live Stats  
Kenton Co.     Gm 18   Live Stats
July 20--9am--Minor South Lexington      
South Lexington Live Stats      
Gm 9        
July 19--6pm Major South Lexington July 21--1pm Major South Lexington  
Live Stats Live Stats  
Lake Cumberland   Southeastern
Gm 15  
  July 20--11:15am Minor Lake Cumberland
Gm 12 Live Stats
  Shelby Co.
Boone Co. Black  
Gm 10  
July 19--8:15pm Major Shelby Co.
Live Stats
Shelby Co. Winner advances to National Regional in Connersville, In. July 31-Aug 4